The Issues

Through House meetings, Questionnaires, and regular old conversations, ONE NOLA has identified 4 major issue areas where community action is necessary in order to drive towards more equitable educational policy in the city of New Orleans.


Student support network

The 4th and 5th graders of New Orleans were born during, or in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina; our High schoolers vividly remember the disaster. Nearly every house meeting conducted by ONE NOLA included teachers describing deficits in social-emotional services at their schools. We see an inherent connection between those gaps in resources, and the types of  disciplinary practices schools use to manage student behaviors.


Culturally Relevant Pedagogy & Community Partnerships

The influx of teachers and organizations from other parts of the country has distanced New Orleans classrooms from New Orleans culture. According to data gathered during community meetings facilitated by the Orleans Parish School Board, the largest single topic of concern for families is curriculum.


Orleans Parish School Board Reunification

The August 30th passage of ACT 91 initiated the process of the Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB) taking back local control of public schools in the city of New Orleans. As schools reunify under the OPSB, the decisions made in the next few years will shape the relationship between public oversight and the autonomy of school networks.